Head Coach


Costanza was born in Turin, Italy. She lived in Italy, France, and the USA. When she landed in South Africa she fell in love with the people, the land, and the golf courses. Costanza specializes in motor learning, skill acquisition, and long-term coaching for long-lasting improvement.

All her clients know her as a warm and kind person. She loves to inspire golfers while she seeks herself continuing education from the world pioneers in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, motor learning, and skill acquisition.


    • Member of the Ladies European Tour – Former Tour Player
    • Member of the PGA of South Africa
    • TrackMan Master
    • TPI®Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Instructor Level 3
    • TrackMan and Performance Coach of the South African Women National Squads
    • Team Callaway


Assistant Head Coach


Ruben is an experienced coach who loves the game of golf. In his own words “It never feels like a job as I love what I do. I believe in the ability of golf to also teach and refine virtues including honesty, trust, courtesy, responsibility, discipline, dedication”. Ruben enjoys coaching everyone, beginners, intermediate and advanced players as well as juniors and kids. He has extensive experience with kids and juniors development.


“I am here to help you explore and discover your ways of playing golf” 

“How many easy flat lies do you get on the golf course?”

“Give yourself the time to learn the skills, retain them, and access them in the changing contexts and different environments such as the ones we all experience on the golf course”

“If you here for a quick fix you are in the wrong place”

“Golf is a problem’s solving game and the player must become the primary problem solver”

“Excellence is never perfect. Excellence in golf is about adapting and not perfecting.”

“Golf is so much fun to play. Let’s make it fun to learn.”:)

“Progress comes from more clarity and awareness.”

“It is important to remain playful when we learn and practice.”

“The pure pleasure of learning and playing a game should be a never-ending experience” 

“No matter what it is, people play differently when they’re keeping score:)”



Ricki is a PGA Professional who works with Costanza at the Academy. He specializes in kids and juniors as well as adults, from beginners to advanced players. Ricki is a great communicator, a strong mechanical coach, as well as an on-course coach. His love and enthusiasm for the game are contagious. No matter what the level is, he will make sure every golfer enjoys the whole process of learning and performing.He uses V1 video coaching software and TrackMan Level 1. Ricki also specializes in the TrackMan Golf Simulator.