Playing Golf Is About…

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The competition is what drives the sport. Without competition (at any level) there is no reason to have coaching and training. We train to incrementally raise the level of performance in competitive play. (“Think when you are in your office and you make a ball of paper and you throw it in the far bin. You are in fact playing a challenge and competing!”)


Costanza’s approach to coaching is driven by a persistent desire to do better. She never tires of supporting her students’ goals, encouraging problem solving and adaptability.

What are the specific skill demands?

What functional movements allow this golfer to achieve task goals and perform?

What are the interaction to consider between this player and the environment?

What are the variables that influence the progress of this golfer? Can a technical deficiency be overlooked by a refined skill which works in the dynamic environment of the golf course?

What can we implement/integrate from previous practice sessions?

  • A new skill to develop?
  • Train deeper one or two aspects of the game?
  • Decisions and emotional control?
  • Manage a challenge differently?

“Any idea exchanged between two people is an emotional experience, a social interaction.”
~ Michael Hebron

Golf improvement is a journey. Costanza keeps her students curious and motivated. She helps them develop weapons and minimize insecurities. She sees people in terms of their potential. “How do we create a pathway together to maximize your potential?” It’s a process of discovering functional coordination patterns, decision-making behaviours, emotional flexibility. This is why most of her students are long-term clients who understand the difference between a learn, develop and train approach, versus a “quick fixing” mentality.